performance & nutrition coaching

Never stand still

So you’ve set yourself a goal, it’s a big one and it’s important. Maybe it’s cycling an iconic route, a 100km or 200km cycling event, your first triathlon, stepping up to 70.3 or full distance triathlon or a sub 10 hour ironman, or something else. It seemed like a good idea at the time and you’ve told everyone you’re going to do it, so now you need to get on with it. Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced athlete you are going to need to train hard to achieve your goal, not just because you’ve told everyone, but for you; for your own personal satisfaction and sense of achievement. We mainly work with cyclists and triathletes but we can also assist runners, adventure racers, hikers, rowers and other endurance athletes with individualised nutrition plans, specially tailored to work alongside your specific training plans.


We create plans tailored for you.

We have the experience and performance and nutrition coaching skills that allow us to prepare individualised and integrated training and nutrition plans to support you on your journey, to help you achieve your goals and perform to the best of your ability. We don’t just pull a plan off the shelf that worked for someone else a few years ago, we tailor every plan to the individual because everyone is unique.

Everyone’s situation is different: our genetic make-up, our lifestyle, our work and family commitments, our likes and dislikes, our goals and aspirations, our underlying health, our life stage. We take all of this into account and work up plans and programmes to suit you and only you. We are not about fads – we are focused on you and your wellbeing, both on this particular journey and for the future. We also understand the importance of flexibility; situations change and plans have to change as a result. We work with you throughout your journey, regularly reviewing your progress and advising and adapting your programme accordingly and are on hand to advise when you need us.

We can help you answer
questions like…

- How many times a week should I train?
- Do I need to cross train?
- How intensive do my sessions need to be?
- What about recovery? Do I need to incorporate strength and conditioning?
- How can I prevent burn out?
- How do I balance training with work and home life?
- How much do I need to eat?
- What is the best nutrition approach for my specific goal and lifestyle?
- Are there foods that can help improve my performance and/or recovery?
- Are there foods that can help me manage existing medical conditions?
- What about fuelling before, during and after the event?
- How do I keep myself healthy and injury free so I don’t miss valuable training time?
- What do I do in the week before the event?


Who we are.

We have done this ourselves - in running, cycling, triathlon and hiking/trekking - so we know how it feels. We know that motivation will come in peaks and troughs; we know that some days you’ll just want to eat pizza and chocolate; we know that hormones play a huge role in performance for women; we know just how hard it is to stay committed and focused. But we also know how great it feels to achieve your goal and to achieve it feeling fit, strong and healthy because you have trained hard, nourished your body and thrived as a result. We want you to feel the same at the end of your journey (hopefully one you will have enjoyed) and to come out the other side having made some lifestyle changes that will stick with you in the future.

We want you to succeed and we look forward to thriving with you.
Graeme & Lisa